Harry Potter - Enchanted Candle Mood Lamp

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Harry Potter - Enchanted Candle Mood Lamp

Create the magical atmosphere of Hogwarts with this Enchanted Candle. With just a wave of your hand you can turn this candle from off to on, and off again. Now you can replicate the magical abilities of Albus Dumbledore himself when he addressed the children in the Great Hall and proclaimed, 'Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times... if only one remembers to turn on the light'.

He then waved his hand gently near the candle to

its flame, then again to re-light it!



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Harry Potter - Enchanted Candle Mood Lamp

- Official merchandise - Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts authorised and licensed by Warner Bros.

- Replicate the magical abilities of Professor Albus Dumbledore himself to extinguish and relight the flame with the wave of a hand

- Includes - Full colour brand gift box packaging with embossed foil accents, enchanted wax candle with LED faux flame, and instructions for use

- Real wax with LED flame uses an IR (infra-red) sensor that detects motion

- Can be switched to ‘Hogwarts House mode’ to cycle through to your favourite House colour

- Ideal for witches and wizards over 8 years old

- This candle is not a toy. It is designed as a display or collector item and not suited for children’s play

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