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Sierra Madre Games - Greenland
  • Sierra Madre Games - Greenland
  • Sierra Madre Games - Greenland

Sierra Madre Games - Greenland

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In Greenland, much like in Neanderthal, you get to play through a momentous period of human history. You play as one of the peoples who attempted to colonize Greenland during the Middle Ages.

This version of Greenland also includes the little-known Sea Sami expansion pack. The Sea Sami are a playable tribe in the game, which means Greenland can be played by 1-4 players.

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The underlying game mechanics of Greenland and Neanderthal are quite similar. Both are card-based games where your cards are positioned in front of you in a tableau representing the progress of your people or tribe.

The games advance with Event cards that affect the environments in which the games unfold. These cards also present crucial external possibilities. In Neanderthal this is represented by Daughters; women able to develop the language and, later on, the structure of your Brain. Merchant Ships serve the same purpose in Greenland and offer powerful artefacts for those who can afford them.

When it's the players' turns after an Event, they plan their actions by placing Hunters on the game board. The game board is a dynamic suite of cards placed in two rows.

The common cards in Neanderthal represent northern and southern Europe, whereas in Greenland they represent northern and southern Greenland.

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