Kapla - Spider Kit
  • Kapla - Spider Kit
  • Kapla - Spider Kit

Kapla - Spider Kit

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Kapla - Spider Kit

These beautiful gift boxes of 75 planks to build a spider then use to build a variety of wounderous things.



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Kapla - Spider Kit

All Kapla planks are identical in size with the dimension in ratio of 1:3:5.

This unique and innovative design allows children and adults to build a wide variety of structures without the help of additional or supportive accessories.

Balance and gravity alone hold the wooden planks in place.

Our wooden Kapla planks introduce children as well as adults to the world of imagination, creativity and concentration.

These open-ended wooden planks provide hours of fun, entertainment and endless building possibilities. From simple to very complex structures, the wooden planks allow each person to build at his own skill level.

Kapla is a natural construction game that encourages children to develop, practise and refine their fine motor skills, logical thinking and perseverance as well as building techniques and spatial awareness.

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